The Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) is preparing for the grand celebration of its golden founding anniversary on June 18, 2016. The key officials of the MIRDC are looking forward to a robust participation not only of the MIRDC personnel but also of the metalworking industry associations and other stakeholders. 


     MIRDC 50th logo

With this longevity, sustaining power and success, the Center’s customers could look forward to more aggressive products and services that the MIRDC could efficiently and effectively provide.

To kick off the celebration, a contest was launched among MIRDC employees for the best anniversary logo. The winning
entry, now the official anniversary logo, appears in all written correspondences of the Center. With less than 30 days before the celebration, various committees are carrying out activities for the highlights of the anniversary, namely: the monument construction; M&E international conference; thanks-giving dinner; homecoming for former MIRDC officials and employees; physical landscaping; special publications that will be launched; and the construction of the new main access road and MIRDC gate.

Dr. Agustin M. Fudolig, Deputy Executive Director for Technical Services, chairs this year’s over-all M & E Week and 50th Anniversary Celebration.
Happy, blessed, fruitful golden anniversary M I R D C !

Perspectve lobby 


Perspective photos of the MIRDC main laboratory building, reception lobby and main gate