"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"   


 The 2015 Deployment of Plans and Activities of the Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) held last March 3, 2015 marked the beginning of a more effectivestrategic agenda to help position the agency to function more efficiently as it roots for a more advanced M&E industries.  The plans and activities that were presented to the MIRDC employees constitute the administrative plans and technology initiatives that are essential in achieving the agency’s new vision, mission, strategic objectives/thrusts and core values.

deployment                        Asec. Robert O. Dizon explains the objectives        Division Heads wait for their turn to

 of the 2015 Deployment of Plans and        present their accomplishments,

    and Activities.                                        plans and projects for 2015.


 An important facet of the 2015 Deployment of Plans and Activities is leveraging information to update the MIRDC personnel on how new competencies are well-thought-out to further enhance the performance of the agency. Asec. Robert O. Dizon shared with the employees the outputs of the recently concluded Strategic Planning, particularly the vision, mission, strategic objectives/thrusts and core values that have been revised parallel to the goal of the MIRDC to be more relevant to a competitive M&E industries. The agency’s new mission and vision, duly approved by the Governing Council, are set to get off to a flying start as these are attuned not only to the strengths and weaknesses, but also to the programs and outcomes of the agency. Prior to the aforementioned goal, each division head including the MIRDC Employees Labor Association (SALEM)President, Mr. Galicano Enerlan, were given time to present their accomplishments and plans, in accordance with their respective functions.




Approved by GC


An internationally recognized institution providing research & development, technology transfer, scientific and technological services supporting the growth and global competitiveness of the metals, engineering and allied industries.

Center of excellence in science, technology and innovation for a globally-competitive metals, engineering and allied industries by 2025.


To provide both government and private sectors in the metals and engineering industry with professional management and technical expertise on the training of engineers and technicians; information exchange;

trade accreditation service ; quality control and testing of metal products; research and development; and business economics advisory services.

To provide both government and private sectors in the metals, engineering, and allied industries with professional management and technical expertise on the training of engineers and technicians; information exchange; quality control and testing; research and development; technology transfer; and business economics advisory services.

Strategic Objectives/



Focus on Customers

Industry Competitiveness

Resource Management

Service Delivery Improvement

Teamworking and Networking


Focus on Customers

Industry  Competitiveness

Responsive to National Priorities

Service Improvement

Technological Self-Reliance

Core Values













   The Vision, Mission, Strategic Thrusts and Core Values approved by the Governing Council were presented by Asec. Dizon during the Deployment of Plans and Activities for 2015.


Secretary Mario G. Montejo surprised the MIRDC employees when he graced the event with his presence. In his message, he shared his observations from his recent visit to Iran and Israel where he witnessed how the government supports technology starting from the development of ideas up to prototyping. In connection to this, he relayed the idea that the MIRDC holds one of the most important tasks when it comes to supporting advancement of technology. His message left everybody inspired and motivated to focus on MIRDC’s function of supporting, empowering and assisting innovations.







  - Secretary Montejo reminds MIRDC employess about the agency's role in promoting and sustaining technological innovation.









 - MIRDC Top Management responds to questions from MIRDC employees.




  The deployment had also been a channel to a more intensified interest especially in the human resources as it sparked off questions from the employees as soon as the floor was opened for discussion. Issues and concerns were raised but were given appropriate response by the Top Management.  At the end of the assembly, Asec. Dizon’s message marked a point that reflects a push among employees. He stated that being informed about the agency’s plans and projects means that employees will essentially know the significance of every task that are assigned to them and could make them proud. Being proud of one’s task, according to Asec. Dizon, is the key to better performance.