The Metals Industry Research and Development Center, an agency of the Department of Science and Technology, is assisting the Whittlers Arts and Crafts of Pakil, Laguna through the deployment of a new technology - the CNC router. The Whittlers designated some of its employees undergo training on how to operate and maintain the machine that will be used to produce its various products. The CNC router or Super Lilok is one of the machines recently developed by MIRDC in partnership with a private company – Primark Toolings, Inc. - to help the furniture industry to meet the requirements for consistent quality thus, attaining global competitiveness.

With the introduction of the technology from MIRDC, Whittlers is expected to increase its productivity and consistently enhance product quality. Engr. Jason P. Rogelio, MIRDC project leader, leads the training of Whittlers personnel for the operation of the CNC router. The training program was held on March 1-3, 2016 covering maintenance and operation. Engr. Adonis T. Marquez from the Technology Diffusion Division coordinated the activity. Whittlers’ Art uses knives of various thicknesses and lengths to shave soft wood, transforming the shavings into filigreed fans, peacocks, butterflies, birds, flowers, and other designs of various shapes and sizes.

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MIRDC staff conducts training to Whittlers for the operation
and maintenance of CNC router

Manually-made products of Whittlers

The CNC Router or Super Lilok is a machine that is operated by G-codes. The controller reads the G-codes and translates the numbers to mechanical movement so that it can cut and engrave on woods, metals and acrylics. This machine can mass produce more intricate and sophisticated designs. This was developed by MIRDC to help the local wood-working and metal-cutting industries stay competitive.

Whittler’s Arts and Crafts of Pakil is located at 175 Tavera street, Pakil, Laguna.

Whittlers personnel operates the CNC router machine under supervision by MIRDC staff