"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

   Our team of experts speeds up technology transfer by conducting consultancy services to improve productivity and upgrade product quality. Its technical assistance program includes:

  •     Preparation of feasibility studies.
  •     Management/technical consultancy.
  •     Conduct of liaison work between the private sector and government agencies.
  •     Preparation of periodic analysis of industry status.
  •     Extension of S&T service to the regions.



 To promote the development of the metals and engineering industry in the countryside, extension offices were established in the following regions:

  1.     Region III (San Fernando, Pampanga)
  2.     Region VI (Iloilo)
  3.     Region X (Cagayan de Oro City)

How to avail of the service:

Consultancy Services

  •    Inquire or request for technical assistance/ consultancy services through letter, phone, fax, email or  personally.
  •    Provide information based on required intervention
  •    Prepare for consultancy visit 
  •    Receive verify and implement recommended course of action

Acceptance and Monitoring of TBI Tenants

  •     Receive, verify and implement recommended course of action
  •     Submit Letter of Intent and Fill-out Application Form
  •     Submit Supporting Documents
  •     Provide or submit comment on the drafted Lease of Contract
  •     Appear before the Notary Public and affix signature on the Contract of Lease
  •     Proceed to the Budget and Treasury Section and pay the corresponding obligations as stipulated in the Contract of Lease
  •     Start operation

Technology Transfer Activities

  •    Submit Letter of Request with the Technology Advisory and Business Development Section specifying therein the technology.
  •    Provide the required information.
  •    Decide whether or not to adopt the technology.