The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) approved the survey to be conducted by the Department of Science and Technology - Metals Industry Research and Development Center (DOST-MIRDC) of metalworking companies particularly those engaged in metalcasting and heat treatment processes to determine the present condition of the industries. The survey will cover the general, market and technical profile, including the problems, issues and concerns, and business outlook for the next five years. Through this survey, the DOST-MIRDC will come out with industry studies that will be used by decision makers, specifically the policy makers, policy implementers and members of the industry in formulating recommendations for facilities upgrading, personnel development and investment incentives. The previous survey on welding sector accounts to 1,041 actual respondents and is now on its preparation of the aggregate industry study.

Presently, the survey team identified 85 metalcasting companies and 63 heat treatment firm respondents. The team is now farming out survey invitations and forms to all the identified potential company respondents from the metalcasting and heat treatment sectors.

The government will be able to generate better programs including training, consultancy and financial assistance in order to boost the industry’s competitiveness through the survey.  Participation in the survey will spawn significant advantages for the respondent-companies as they will be the ones to greatly benefit from the future programs of the government. The survey is an initiative undertaken by the DOST-MIRDC to attain the realization of its vision of a globally competitive metals, engineering and allied industries.


Managers, Owners and Supervisors of metalworking companies engaging in metalcasting and/or heat treatment

Here is an opportunity for you to be counted and make a significant mark in the study. Attached are the survey questionnaires for Metalcasting/ Foundry and Heat Treatment.  Kindly send the filled-out survey questionnaire to us via fax (837-0479) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).