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Importance of Science and Technology Apply to All, Even to Electric Poles

By: Jim Patrick S.D. Erispe


Electric posts have welded metals that provide added strength. That is, if the metals are checked and tested regularly.

Electric poles along Quirino Highway in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan had their ‘check-up’ done in 2020.

The check-up conducted is called the Liquid Penetrant Testing, which focused on welded joints of the poles.

For the sake of raising the public’s awareness on how science and technology find application in all that we do, the Liquid Penetrant Testing is a kind of non-destructive test (NDT). It is a test that does not break apart or destroys a sample.

It is a test method that is very effective in detecting porosity, cracks, fractures, laps, seams, and other flaws which may be caused by fatigue, impact, quenching, machining, grinding, forging, bursts, shrinkage, or overload.

If left untested, the public has no way of determining the integrity of various structures that we commonly see and use daily.

The test conducted will show the actual condition of an electrical pole. Results will determine if the electrical pole can withstand earthquakes and typhoons, absorb energies from impacts of vehicles in accidents, and carry heavy electrical or internet cables.

The test generally offers safety to the general public.

The Liquid Penetrant Testing is a service offered by the Non-Destructive Laboratory of the Department of Science and Technology – Metals Industry Research and Development Center.

This is just one of the many ways by which science and technology find application in the everyday life of each Filipino.