In Service Webinar Write up

Webinar on In-service Weld Inspection using ACFM Technology

By: Genevieve M. Barsales

The Philippine Welding Society (PWS) facilitated a webinar entitled In-service Weld Inspection using ACFM Technology on June 15, 2021, the second day of the celebration of the Metals and Engineering Week 2021. The speaker, Mr. Duncan Murray from Eddyfi Technologies based in Singapore, is an experienced Inspection Diver and Rope Access Technician in the Subsea and Topside inspection fields.

Mr. Murray highlighted the advantages, principles, and applications of ACFM. It is developed to reliably detect and size in-service defects with a low number of false calls and was designed be used on rough or corroded surfaces, or through protective coatings. The ACFM technology is used for the detection and sizing of surface-breaking cracks in metallic components and welds. ACFM offers significant benefits in terms of both cost-efficiency as well as effective performance by providing the inspection engineer with depth sizing information to allow for better decision making.

The webinar was attended by 201 participants from the academe and industry. The discussions in the webinar helped to enhance the participants’ knowledge in the inspection of in-service weld.

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