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The Most Beautiful Tool Mankind Ever Had is Light

By: Jim Patrick S.D. Erispe

Humanity’s oldest tool is probably our own bare hands. Human hands have boundless functions, from a simple gripping to a more complex building. We use them to learn, to express ourselves, and to design. Aside from our hands, we need to have other tools to help us do all the endless things that need to be done.

Light might just be the most beautiful among all other tools we use.

As part of the Metals and Engineering Week 2021 celebration, Mr. Markus Lindermann of TRUMPF Group proudly shared his company’s products and services during a webinar entitled “TRUMPF Laser Systems for Additive Manufacturing of Metal Parts” on June 16, 2021. He revealed to the audience that light is their most beautiful tool.

He then presented their Laser System – a product that is comparable to light. Laser is versatile, elegant, and precise. While most people know that laser can cut through objects, the TRUMPF company uses the laser as an additive manufacturing tool.

Mr. Lindermann presented the different machines that the company offers and the advantages that go along with the acquisition of these machines. He also emphasized that their company will adjust according to the needs of the customers

Most definitely, lasers are the future of manufacturing. Lasers are here to define the landscape of manufacturing in the decades to come.