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Many Software-in-One Makes a Wise Investment

By Marlyn Ramones

Multi-Function Circuit Design Analysis and Simulation is a unique software. It combines many applications in different areas of mechanical and engineering electrical circuits such as software for circuit analysis, 3D viewer, programming, and simulation. The circuit analysis is a powerful feature of the software that helps users understand the circuit being developed. The simulation also allows functional tests and searches for errors during the planning process so that it prevents errors in the actual operation, and thereby saves cost.

The software has two versions, online or offline versions. An online version is through subscription while the offline version is installed on a computer which can be updated whenever a new component is developed and offered in the market. The user only spends on the new component. Also, it has the following capabilities: can design PCB layout, not only of high school level but of professional level; can create a schematic design; has interactive animated 3D view; has 3D model enclosure import where we can use third-party software to create a 3D model; has circuit analysis of AC, DC, transient, digital and even noise analysis and bill of materials; provides support of micro-controllers and FPGA in making processors; has VHDL and VERILOG, a programming language in developing a component with electronic rule checking of irregularities; and can create teaching materials, training, and examination for education and training.

The webinar was conducted by Mr. Leandro A. Castillo, a Technical Specialist Manager in Electronics and Allied Programs, on June 17, 2021. It was an activity organized by the Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines as part of the celebration of the Metals and Engineering Week 2021.

With the many capabilities and applications in areas of electronics, the software is indeed a good investment for the industry, professionals, instructors, and students in upgrading competencies and knowledge on circuit design analysis and simulation.