"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

This equipment utilizes the drying process, which preserves samples by means of the removal of water.

After the material is frozen, it is placed on trays in the vacuum chamber where just enough heat is added and the surrounding pressure is reduced to allow frozen water in the material to sublime.

With reduced moisture content, the growth of microorganisms is inhibited.  Thus, sample‚Äôs shelf-life is extended.

Freeze drying is a method that will enhance the performance and productivity of Food Processing Firms (FPFs).

Target Sector:  Food Processing


MIRDC Project Team in charge of fabrication: Engr. Jose B. Ferrer
Engr. Francisco C. Dime
Engr. Isidro D.Millo
Engr. Jenny P. Calaquian
Engr. Ronie S. Alamon
Mr. Roland P. Clavio
(in cooperation with ITDI and PMEDSO)

Registry No./Utility Model:  Application on-going