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Spray drying is a technique of using hot gas to produce a dry powder after rapidly drying a liquid or slurry.

The Spray Dryer works with the mechanism of separating the solute or suspension particles as a solid and the solvent as vapour.  It makes use of a spray nozzle that disperses the liquid or slurry into a controlled drop size spray.

This technology is widely used in the production of dry solids in the form of powdery substance or granules such as in the preparation of pharmaceutical products, beverages, food, colourings, and plant extracts.

Spray drying is a method that will enhance the performance and productivity of Food Processing Firms (FPFs).

Target Sector:  Food Processing


Engr. Jose B. Ferrer
Engr. Francisco C. Dime
Engr. Isidro D.Millo
Engr. Jenny P. Calaquian
Engr. Ronie S. Alamon
Mr. Roland P. Clavio
(in cooperation with ITDI and PMEDSO)

Registry No./Utility Model:  Application on-going