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The Vacuum Evaporator has an 80-liter capacity that uses an LPG-fired burner as heat source and a vacuum pump that sucks out the water vapour.

This equipment produces food products such as evaporated milk and tomato paste for ketchup.

Vacuum evaporation effectively preserves concentrated solid and liquid products so that shelf life is prolonged without sacrificing product quality.

Vacuum evaporated products have reduced weight and volume minimizing packaging requirement.

Target Sector: Food Processing


Engr. Jose B. Ferrer
Engr. Francisco C. Dime
Engr. Isidro D.Millo
Engr. Jenny P. Calaquian
Engr. Ronie S. Alamon
Mr. Roland P. Clavio
(in cooperation with ITDI and PMEDSO)

Registry No./Utility Model:  Application on-going