"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

 The dual-purpose machine functions as juicer of sweet sorghum and crusher of sugarcane.  It acts as sweet sorghum juicer when the top roller rotates in the opposite direction as the bottom rollers.  It is converted to a sugarcane crusher when:

  1. Gears are modified due to adjustments in the gaps between the feed rollers and the discharge rollers.
  2. The machine’s legs are extended, allowing the extracted juice to flow from the bottom of the pan to a collecting container.
  3. There are provisions to nail the legs onto a wooden trunk.

It is easy to operate, requires low maintenance, lightweight, portable, and can adapt to electric or engine prime mover.

Target Sector: Sugar Industry


Engr. Jose B. Ferrer
Engr. Ronie S. Alamon
Mr. Camilo C. Cariaga
Mr. Marcelino P. Alvior
Mr. Raymond S. De Ocampo