"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

The CNC Super Lilok is a combination of a Router machine and a CNC device.

It is operated by G-Codes.  The controller reads the G-Codes and translates the numbers to mechanical movement so that it can cut and engrave on woods, metals, and acrylics.  A stepper motor drives the Router enabling it to move and cut in three directions:  X, Y, and Z.

It is developed to help the local wood-working and metal cutting industries stay competitive.

It has the ability to produce more intricate and sophisticated woodworking designs in large quantities.

It not only allows creativity and complexity in woodworking and metal cutting designs, but also increases efficiency.

Target Sector:  Metalworking; Woodworking


Engr. Jayson P. Rogelio
Engr. Allan John S. Limson
Engr. Renan G. Baldovino
Engr. Eric C. Calanno
Mr. Vincent Boy E. Manabat