"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

The CNC Plasmanoy utilizes Digital Signal Processing control and servo drive mechanism on cam follower linear rails for the 2-axis gantry system.  The third axis uses a Torch Height Controller.

The work piece is placed on a platform made from mild steel laser-fabricated cutting grates.  Bended mild steel makes up the spatter catch, which is found immediately below the cutting grates.  Flexibility and robustness are brought about by the heavy-duty plasma generator and compressor.

It is a highly versatile, accurate, and efficient equipment.  It uses a string of codes to follow a set of instructions in an orderly manner in order to produce a tool path on the machine.

Its high temperature plasma is capable of boring and cutting ferrous and limited non-ferrous metal materials.


Target Sector:  Metalworking


Engr. Cameron B. Yao
Engr. Joein L. Luces
Engr. Renan G. Baldovino
Engr. Eric C. Calanno
Mr. Vincent Boy E. Manabat