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The Met Buoy is an instrument equipped with sophisticated communication system and sensors that collect and measure real time ocean and weather data.

Its sensors enable the equipment to gather data on wind, relative humidity, air temperature, barometric pressure, rainfall, wave height and direction, and sea temperature.

Its power supply is sustained by batteries and solar panels so that it is kept continuously operational.

The locally-developed Met Buoy will monitor real time disturbances at sea.

Its installation in critical areas will monitor changes at sea, most especially during extreme weather conditions.  Data gathered will be used to provide accurate and timely information to help prevent sea accidents and tragedies.


Target Sector:  Information & Communications/ Environment


Engr. Francisco C. Dime
Engr. Gharry M. Bathan
Engr. Isidro D. Millo
Ms. Blesilda P. CabaƱa