"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

The improved version of the Biolog Extrusion Machine (Model II) effectively extracts coco coir or fiber from coconut husk.  These fibers serve as raw materials for ropes and twines, grow poles for plant liners, mats, geotextiles, car seats, mattresses, and many other products.

The commercialization of this equipment will turn into usable materials the coconut fibers that were once thrown away and considered farm wastes.

Extrusion and utilization of coco coir is a way of generating income for farmers and their families in the coconut-producing regions of the country. 


Target Sector: LGUs

  •  Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office
  •  Livelihood Projects


Engr. Franciso C. Dime
Mr. Raymond S. De Ocampo
Mr. Rommel G. Adame
Mr. Amado D. Tagal, Jr.
Mr. Wilfredo M. Ramilo
Mr. Camilo C. Cariaga

Registry No./Utility Model:  Utility Model No. 2/20