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The machine consists of a large tank with agitating paddles that mix the slurry.  A diesel engine powers the slurry pump that moves the stored cellulose/fiber mulch materials through a hose and a discharge nozzle with high pressure.

High pressure allows the Hydroseeder to distribute the seeds to hard-to-reach slopes.

The use of the Hydroseeder promotes the growth of vegetation on bare slopes, and is thus, an effective technology to protect the slopes.

The growth of vegetation along the usually bare slopes helps prevent erosion and high velocity of run-off during rainy seasons.


Target Sector:  LGU's (Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office)


Dr. Dominic S. Guevarra
Engr. Jose B. Ferrer
Engr. Remartin S. Maglantay
Mr. Laureano L. Dalay
Mr. Wilfredo M. Ramilo
Mr. Juan V. Azucena