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The harvester has specially-developed conveyor system and cutters that make the mechanical removal of plants possible.

Module 2 is an improved version of the first design in the following aspects: (1) collection rate is at least 1 ton in 90 sec, or at least 15 days to cover a hectare; and (2) operation can be done for eight continuous hours.

This equipment arrests excessive growth of water hyacinth, thus, helps address problems on flooding and damage to life and property.  The use of the Harvester also lessens negative effects of the proliferation of water hyacinth: risk to health and safety; degradation of water quality; interference with irrigation; hindrance to water transport and recreation.

Collected water hyacinth serves as raw materials for livelihood projects.

Target Sector:  LGUs 
-  Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office
-  Livelihood Programs


Engr. Gharry M. Bathan
Mr. Lemuel N. Apusaga
Engr. Allan John S. Limson
Mr. Juan V. Azucena
Ms. Zalda R. Gayahan