"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

The 10-inch diameter Cupola utilizes locally-available coke, cast iron charges, and ambient non-oxygen enriched blast air.  It performs with a 120 kg/hr melt rate, costing only P80/kg.  Cost decreases at longer campaigns.

Its design and development included impressive features such as:

  • State of the art refractory systems
  • Simple design and construction
  • Full control operation
  • Low cost operation

The Micro Cupola Furnace’s smaller size and lower operating cost make it very suitable for educational institutions teaching foundry technology or for foundries with lower molten metal requirements.

The use of this equipment will lead to the better understanding of its basic as well as advanced operating principles.  Knowledge and experience from the use of the Micro Cupola Furnace can be used as basis in designing an industrial-type cupola furnace for commercial foundries.


Target Sector:  AcademeFoundries


Engr. Floretino J. Lafuente
Mr. Lemuel N. Apusaga
Mr. Romeo C. Bermudez
Mr. Larsen S. Chavez
Ms. Arriane Mae M. Villanueva
Mr. Rolando Y. Clavio

Registry No./Utility Model:  Application No. 2-2012-000615