"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

It extends the shelf life of food, thus significantly protects food from spoilage.

It inhibits growth of anaerobic microorganisms by removing most of the air that surrounds the food product.

The machine is advisable for long-term storage of dry food, and short-term preservation of vegetables, meat, and liquids.

The Vacuum Packaging Machine cuts losses due to food wastage.  Wastage reduction will eventually be translated to higher income and more viable business.


Target Sector: Food

Project Leader: Ms. Nelia Elisa C. Florendo (ITDI)

 In charge of Fabrication: MIRDC

  • Engr. Jose B. Ferrer
  • Engr. Isidro D. Millo
  • Engr. Francis C. Dime

(in co-implementation with ITDI; in cooperation with PMEDSO)