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An equipment used to sterilize food products stored in glass, tin cans, and retortable pouch.

It employs thermal processing for the commercial production of stable food products which are packed in retort pouches (flexible packaging material that can withstand high processing temperature, 1200C or higher).

It consists of a vessel that holds the food during processing, an elevated water and water pump that supply water for heating and cooling, and an air compressor that controls pressure in the retort.

The use of this equipment involves the sterilization of food stored in glass, tin cans, and mostly those in retort pouches.  An effective sterilization process with the use of the Water Retort extends shelf life of food resulting to reduced wastage and increased safety to the consumers.


Target Sector: Food


Project Leader: Ms. Nelia Elisa C. Florendo (ITDI)
In charge of Fabrication: MIRDC

  • Engr. Jose B. Ferrer
  • Engr. Isidro D. Millo
  • Engr. Francis C. Dime
  • Engr. Ronnie S. Alamon

(in co-implementation with ITDI; in cooperation with PMEDSO)