"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

It is an equipment that adopts a system where the sealed food material is immersed in low-temperature coolant, such as brine or alcohol, that recirculates and comes in direct contact with the surface of the food package.

The high heat transfer coefficient between solids and liquids enables this equipment to cool materials faster than cold air-freezing systems can.

The Immersion Freezer is a cost-effective equipment: The fast cooling rate conserves electricity, while recirculation maximizes the use of the coolant. This cost-saving technology adds to the efficiency of the food industry.

Target Sector: Food


Project Leader: Ms. Nelia Elisa C. Florendo (ITDI)
In charge of Fabrication: MIRDC

Engr. Jose B. Ferrer
Engr. Isidro D. Millo
Engr. Francis C. Dime

(in co-implementation with ITDI; in cooperation with PMEDSO)