"Molding the Future of Metal Industries" 


  • The Dewatering Machine has the capability to remove water from the stems at the rate of 8 kg of water per hour.



  •  The Shredding Machine reduces large stems into bits with sizes ranging from 1-5 mm at a rate of 24.5 kg/hr.




  • The Briquetting Machine employs 700 rpm and a speed of 100 m/hr to compress 219 kg of shredded water hyacinth per hour.




- The biomass produced has an average diameter of 5 cm with a 25 cm-diameter central hole, a feature which increases efficiency of combustion. 


  • Research shows that water hyacinth is a good source of biomass. These equipment enable to the  industry to produce briquettes made from water hyacinth.  Gaining popularity as materials for fuel-making, water hyacinth converted into biomass approaches the heating value of wood.

Target Sector: Energy


Project Leader:  Engr. Francis C. Dime

Asst. Project Leader:  Engr. Joein L. Luces