"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"




Cyanide and cyanide compounds used in electroplating are highly toxic to human and aquatic life even at low concentrations..With MIRDC’s  developed non-cyanide electroplating processes, the use of cyanide compounds in gold plating process starting from the copper plating up to the gold plating will be eliminated. The developed non-cyanide plating solutions are good replacement for cyanide plating baths. Thus, cyanide-free plating processes definitely leads to a cleaner and safer working environment.Benefits that can be derived using the developed non-cyanide electroplating processes are as follows:

  • Eliminates the dangers inherent in using cyanide and cyanide compounds;
  • Improves employee health and safety;
  • Reduces pollution to environment;
  • Simplifies the waste treatment process; and
  • Reduces waste treatment costs by eliminating cyanide waste treatment

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