2015 Scientific Papers/Articles

Authors: P Azanza, C Villarino, Jayson Rogelio, H Ramos, J Soriano, E Obile, Geoffrey G. Abulencia; Publication Details: Asean Food Conference 2015, Book of Abstracts, page 147

Authors: Fred P. Liza, Cameron Yao, Joein Luces, Vincent Manabat, Renan G. Baldovino; Publication Details: International Association of Engineers, ISBN: 978-988-193253-6-7; ISSN: 2078-0958; World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2015; Volume 1, page 408-413

Authors: Jonathan Q. Puerto, Joey G. Pangilinan, Carla P. San Diego

Authors: Rodnel O. Tamayo, Brian U. Rasco, Drexler B. Sibal, Sarah Mae C. Cuaterno

Authors: Renann G. Baldivino, Jayson P. Rogelio, Geoffrey L. Abulencia, Virgilio Y. Macanip Jr

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