"Molding the Future of Metal Industries"

The MIRDC held its annual Christmas celebration last December 18, 2014 with the theme “Funtasy #anopegmo” which rendered a fun-filled fantasy-inspired party.


Though the theme of the party was announced early, employees were still clueless about how each division have prepared for the celebration which made them even more excited. Following this year’s motif, employees from the Financial and Administrative Division (FAD) arrived in their eye-catching Harry Potter costumes; the Technology Diffusion Division (TDD) in their random Disney costumes; the Analysis and Testing Division (ATD) in their X-Men costumes; while the Materials and Process Research Division (MPRD), the Prototyping Division (PD) and the Planning and Management Division (PMD) arrived in their own peg Christmas outfits.


The program started with a doxology sung by Mr. Greg Anthony Alonzo, Planning Officer III, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and MIRDC Hymn. Dr. Agustin M. Fudolig, Deputy Executive Director for Technical Services and Asec. Roberto O. Dizon, Officer- in-Charge of the MIRDC, welcomed the employees with their Opening Remarks and Inspirational Message, respectively. An intermission dance number fueled the enthusiasm of employees as the MIRDC top officials participated in the dance number without hesitation.



Asec. Robert O. Dizon inspired MIRDC employees with a message stating all the achievements for the year.



The Top Managemnt joins in the intermission dance number to the delight of all the MIRDC employees.



The Christmas party’s success was largely due to the array of performances provided by employees from different divisions.  FAD, MPRD, PMD and ATD personnel showcased their talents in dancing while TDD and PD staff surprised everyone with a song and dance number. Adding more fun to the event is the song number of Project Management Engineering and Design Service Office (PMEDSO) personnel. Another highlight that made the celebration more significant is the award and recognition given to deserving MIRDC employees.






Clockwise: PMD staff grooved in a Showtime-inspired dance number; FAD personnel bopped to the beat of Waka Waka, Whoops Kiri and Wiggle Dance; Division Chief Dr. Danilo N. Pilar of TDD and Chem Lab Section Chief  Gina A. Catalan both showed their leadership skills on the dance floor. 



Asec.Dizon and Engr. Puerto congratulates
Dr. Agustin Fudolig who was one of the awardees
during the ceremony


In between exciting presentations from different divisions were the thrilling games facilitated by Ms. Marilyn Diaz of PD and the much awaited raffle wherein cash prizes, prepaid cards and appliances were given away to lucky employees. Among the grand prize winners were Mr. Alberto Olivo from FAD and Ms.Tracy Ann Tolentino from PD who both received a 32” flat screen TV.  Before announcing the winner of the best group performance, new members of the MIRDC family were called in front and introduced by Ms. Jelly N. Ortiz, Chief, Administrative and General Services Section. The Prototyping Division staff won the award for best group performance while additional awards were given to FAD as best in costume by group and ATD for best costume by pair.





Ms. Josephine Esguerra of TDD dressed as Princess Jasmine was one of the crowd favorites all throughout the program.




Games host Ms. Marilyn Diaz instructs game participants who were blindfolded
as they try to land a kiss on Asec Dizon’s picture.




PD Staff makes another round of performance after being announced as winning team.




Division Heads deliver their Christmas message after receiving cakes to be shared with their staff.


At the latter part of the program, Ms. Lina B. Afable, Chief of the Technology Information and Promotion Section (TIPS) announced the distribution of 2015 MIRDC calendars funded by MakiBayan partner-associations. The program which was hosted by Engr. Jojit Velasco and Ms. Liezl Santos was then capped off by the Closing Remarks of Engr. Jonathan Q. Puerto, Deputy Executive Director for Research and Development.